English Literatures and Cultures I - Prose: the Short Story

An introduction to the study of literature written in English. The course will focus on the study of short stories, and students will familiarize themselves with the language of literary analysis. Written assignments will revolve around developing essay writing and commentary skills.

English Literatures and Cultures II - Poetry

Investigation of English literature and cultures continues. The focus in this course is on poetry, and attention will be paid to developing skills associated with poetry analysis and commentary writing.

English Literatures and Cultures III - Language in Cultural Context and Mass Communication

Students will also have a chance to learn about and investigate issues connected to language in relation to society as well as how language is used as a toll in mass communication.

Literature and Context

During this course the students focus on how context shapes the creation of a literary work and affect its understanding. In addition they focus more on how to form convincing argumentation.